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Mike Wallace and the #93 Smith Transport Dodge get a top 10 at Daytona
July 05, 2014 10:02am

Daytona, FL - Mike Wallace in the #93 Dodge owned by JGL Motorsports started in the 17th position in the Subway Firecracker 250 Powered by Coca-Cola. When the race started Mike made some moves to the front then for the first 20 laps or so just stayed in the tail end of the lead pack. Then on lap 21 Mike jumped up in the outside lane and hooked to them bumper of the #2 car of Brian Scott. Mike used that draft to take the Smith Transport Driver Tribute, Dodge right into the top 10.
Then pit stops started on lap 38 and Mike came back on the track 1 lap down to the leader. When caution flew with 50 to go the #93 Dodge was 1 lap down in 30th place. Knowing that Mike could not win the race without being on the lead lap the team gambled and took the wave around. When the race went green with 44 to go Mike was back on the lead lap, in 30th place, but did not have a chance to get fuel. However this is Daytona and if Mike Wallace is still on the track he has a chance to win. Eleven laps later, Mike had taken the #93 Dodge into the 9th place.
Now with 26 to go Mike was in the 6th place but low on fuel to the leaders, since he had taken the wave around earlier. Through most of the race, Mike drafted really well with the 43 but with 21 to go the 43 jumped out of line to cool his motor. That move spoiled the momentum of the outside line that Mike was in, so the #93 team called him in for fuel.
After taking fuel, the #93 needed, Mike came back on the track a lap down and desperately needing a caution, to get his lap back. On returning to the track, with 18 laps to go, the #93 was in the 33rd position. Then with 8 to go the caution came out, the #93 Dodge had a chance. The green flag waved with 3 to go and Mike was in the 29th position. However, immediately on the restart the #9 of Chase Elliot ran out of fuel and stacked the field, and again the yellow flag waved, setting up the field for overtime. The next time the green flag waved Mike restated in the race in the 20th position. He had 3 laps to get to the front. In typical Mike Wallace fashion he started coming through the field like a hot knife through butter. When the checkered waved Mike was in a large pack with a great view of the front, in 10th place. A top 10 at Daytona, we will take it, but what might have been if Mike would not have had to come from a lap down on two occasions in this race.

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